How to get fit on a budget

Low on funds but want to up your activity? Read on...

When you're a student every penny counts. Gym memberships can seem like an unnecessary extra expense, making you question whether you’d rather spend that £30 per month on text books, Smurf costumes and drunken takeaways. So, to help you save a bit of change, we asked The Student Room’s community how they stay fit without breaking the bank.

Day to day routine

Believe it or not, you can stay fit with minimal effort by incorporating odd tricks into your day to day life. Nexttime explains, “I run to and from work - saves me money as the alternative is bus or taxi! It's actually slightly quicker too.”

AngryJellyfish shares how they keep active: “My house is 40 minutes walk uphill from the nearest bus stop. That certainly keeps me fit." Retired_Messiah echoes this “I swear living on the top floor in a uni hall with no lifts has done wonders for my physical health.”

Be at one with nature

Being cooped up inside not your thing? Why not get out and about and make the most of nature’s gym, the great outdoors!

You don't have to go on a long cross country run to feel the benefits, as SophieSmall explains “In the summer I like to go nature trail hiking, which is basically just glorified walking but lasts a good 5-8 hours per session.”

West Dragon agrees with this, sharing “I mainly just go on walks every week, along the esplanade or in the local hill area, it's pretty good and along with walking to and from my bus stop and around the town it keeps me in decent shape”

Technology is your friend.

So much of our lives have shifted online, shopping, socialising and now fitness. You no longer have to pay an expert to write you a fitness plan or attend a cramped Zumba class. The power to get fit is right at your finger tips.

Chelseadagg3r shares why she’s a sucker for a fitness videos “Love a good yoga walkthrough on YouTube! There's loads of different workouts and fitness routines on there, it's great!”

Noodlzzz agrees: “I do dance, kickboxing and Zumba sessions at home using Prime or Youtube.”

If yoga apps aren’t your thing, Estel of the Eyrie recommends an exciting alternative. “Zombies, Run!The only way you're going to see me run is in a zombie apocalypse, and damn this app has sprints added into workouts to make you run away from zombies (with audio sound effects in your headphones as well)”

Invest in some kit

If you have a few quid to spare, consider investing in active kit as it can pay off in the long run. Little Tail Chaser shares how she has saved wads of cash, while also keeping fit “I love cycling. My bike was £20 on Gumtree so saved me hundreds of pounds that I otherwise would have spent on buses (or hours that I would have spent walking)”

“I have a pull up bar in my room and around 50kg worth of weight.” The Night King explains: “I use my lifting belt to attach some weights to me and get going with the pull ups/chin ups, plus you can also do hanging leg raises. Then for abs you can just do some planks and sit ups.”

What tips do you have for exercising for cheap? Any life hacks to share with fellow students? Comment in the thread below!

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