11 awesome tips to make life better when you're feeling down

We all have our highs and lows, but sometimes when you are feeling down something small is all it takes to make you feel good again. 

Our lives feel better when we focus on the positive and make sure that we are taking care of ourselves, particularly during busy times such as the exam period.

Check out our 11 awesome tips to make life feel better here...


1. Write a list of your achievements

When you are feeling down, it is easy to criticize yourself and forget about everything that you have worked hard for in your life.

If you're in the midst of a revision haze or fresh out of an exam that didn't go as you wanted, it might be worth jotting down some of the things you have achieved in the last year or in your life. It doesn't need to be walking on the moon, just something that gave you a sense of pride, such as securing an internship or beating your running time.


Funny animals

2. Watch animal videos on YouTube

No matter how rubbish you are feeling, it's pretty hard not to smile when you are watching a baby sloth getting wrapped into a onesie or a cat dancing to MC Hammer... 

For some inspiration check out the video below:


Memory box

3. Make a memories box

We've all had good times, but when we are going through the tough times it can be hard to remember them. Make yourself feel good by indulging in some nostalgia and creating a memory box. 

It's a lovely, cheap way to fill an afternoon with photos, tickets and nik naks whilst you stroll down memory lane. It's also a fab reminder of how great the good times are!



4. Think of compliments you've received

It's easy to bashfully dismiss compliments, but if you are feeling down on yourself a great way to boost your spirits back up is to run through all the nice things people have said about you. They might seem like off-hand comments at the time, but when you think about all the lovely compliments you have received, you are sure to feel that life is a bit sunnier than before.



5. Have a shower with good tunes blasting out the radio

Why not wash the blues away with a refreshing shower? If you are moping around in your pajamas, then forcing yourself to hop in the shower can really turn your day around.

Grab a shower radio or your phone or speakers and blast out your favourite feel-good tunes! Don't forget to have a good sing along and boogey whilst you lather yourself up! 


Phone a friend

6. Phone a friend

We always feel better after talking to someone we love, so try picking up the phone and calling a friend. It might be a close friend who goes to a different uni so catching up can make you feel like your bonds of friendship have been strengthened and reminds you of the support you have. 

One step better would be to organise a Skype call and chat with your friends face-to-face- just sharing your troubles can make them seem so much lighter!


Good day list

7. Write a list of what you do on a good day

When we are in a bad mood, our shift in perspective will change how we approach our day. For example, instead of making ourselves feel healthy and refreshed with a good nutritious meal, we might indulge in junk food snacks and refrain from leaving the house. 

So sit down, make a list of everything you might do if you were having a good day... and then go out and do it!



8. Get your negative thoughts out

If your negative thoughts are boxed up in your head, they are just going round and round bringing our mood down. Set the bad thoughts free by jotting them down on a pad. You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and your mind will be freed up for thinking of better things. 

Alternatively, you could try a spot of meditation to get your mind into a good place, check out our article on an introduction to mindfulness to get started:



9. Go for a run

Running is known for its therapeutic ways, so if you are feeling trapped in your head and want to get out the house, pop on your running shoes and go for a light jog round the park or a full sprint if you fancy it. 

The power of the movement will help to make you feel more in control and the endorphins released from the exercise will give that 'feel good' buzz!


Bedroom revamp

10. Revamp your bedroom

Sometimes changing our physical surroundings can help us shift our perspectives. If you're in a revision rut or too broke to go out, then give your bedroom a good strip out and revamp! 

Move your drawers around, change up what you have on your walls or experiment with some mood lighting. The end result can be very satisfying and will leave you with a sense of achievement without even leaving your room. 


Cheeky nandos

11. Go for a cheeky nandos

If your day is showing no signs of turning around, then grab a bunch of friends and head down to town for a cheeky nandos dinner! Getting yourself out into a social situation and treating yourself to some finger-licking good food is sure to improve your mood! 

Got any other ideas on how to make life feel better when you are down? Share them in the comments below!