I think I'm being bullied on TSR, how can the community team help me?

What to do: 

Report it In any situation where you believe a user of the site is acting inappropriately towards you on a regular basis please notify us using the report function above the posts or within any private message. If this kind of behaviour towards you happens regularly please make sure you make this clear in your post reports. 

Speak to the community team Following making the post report please post a thread in the private forum Ask the CT where you can talk to a member of our staff team privately and in confidence. Here, the team will be able to provide advice and support on what to do next. 

Use your ignore list Put the user(s) on your ignore list. You can do this by going to the user menu in the top blue bar at the top of the page clicking on 'My followers', 'My ignore list' and enter in the names of the users. This prevents them from being able to private message you and stops you from seeing any posts they have made. 

Block them online If you have connected with them previously on any other social media or online chat room we advise that you block them. 

Block them on your phone If you have communicated with them over the phone using text, WhatsApp or similar apps. Block them or even consider changing your phone number if absolutely necessary. 

What not to do

Don't respond Do not reply to the user or users even if it is to tell them to stop. Leave this to the community team to manage, we will talk to them directly. 

Ask your friends to not respond Discourage your friends on the site to retaliate to these users, this will only make the situation worse. 

As much as TSR will aim to protect you from bullying as an online user it’s important you take responsibility for keeping safe online too. You can prevent some situations by:

1. Stay anonymous: generally we recommend that you don’t give out personal details on the site because you never know who you are really talking to. This includes details of who you are and contact details like emails, phone numbers etc. 
2. Stay safe: if you do choose to chat with someone off of TSR or meet up with someone, play it safe. Tell a friend or family member you are doing so. If meeting in real life, meet in a busy public space initially just in case it is someone different to who you were expecting.


How can the community team support me?

When you report a post, a private message or contact us through Ask the CT we can advise and support you. 
Following review of the rule-breaking activity of another user or group of users we can warn them or place a temporary or permanent ban on their account. Please be aware that we can only do this when we have evidence so please do make sure you report any posts or private messages. 

We'll talk to you in confidence about what has happened and advise you on what to do next. We always advise that you talk to someone you trust who is local to you, a friend, family member or teacher to ensure you have 1-2-1 support while we manage things online. 

Can the community team ban TSR members who have bullied me on another website or chat room?

Our rules only apply for activity on The Student Room. We will support and advise you accordingly for anything happens on this site. If members are using other social media to contact you we always advise that you stop using that particular site for the time-being or if possible, block them. 

Most social media sites now have a report function, please make sure you use this to protect yourself. 

Does The Student Room work with the police?

In the past, the community team have worked with the police following members of the community being harassed or bullied through receiving threatening messages on The Student Room. 

When content is reported to us very soon after the event we can act quickly and notify the police of any highly inappropriate online activity. 

As we continue to work with the police we are experiencing first-hand how much better they are becoming at handling this is kind of behaviour and how they are appropriately dealing with young people who don’t realise the seriousness of what they are writing online.

Although members can be completely anonymous on The Student Room, highly inappropriate content that is worthy of a police report can and will be traced back to users.