Self-harm information

The best way to stop self harming (or to help a friend/family member to stop) is to seek professional help. Support from friends/family is needed; it is usually very difficult to stop self harming completely alone.

In the same way that smokers and alcoholics get help from the NHS, there is help available for people who self harm. This help can come in numerous forms, depending on what the person wants, their age and location. It can consist of:

  • regular therapy or counselling sessions
  • check ups with your GP to oversee injuries
  • access to medication which may help you deal with things related to self harm, such as depression
  • stays in hospital if you're feeling 'unsafe' and very self-destructive
  • or just simply a source of information and someone to talk to.

Usually, friends/family aren't trained professionals. Consequently, they can feel overwhelmed trying to support someone who self harms. Remember, professionals are trained to deal with self harm and will come into contact with it regularly. The following links will take you to places where you can find help and support on self harm.

Self harm links