The surprising health benefits of daily drinking

Over the last several years media reports have focused on a number of the positive aspects of alcohol such as the virtues of a daily glass of red wine and the Mayo Clinic notes that moderate consumption of alcohol may reduce your risk of (1) developing heart disease (2) your risk of dying of a heart attack (3) possibly reduce your risk of strokes, and (4) lower your risk of gallstones and diabetes.

A moderate drinker, usually someone who only has 2 drinks a day, has been shown by multiple sources to live longer and face less risk for things like strokes and heart disease. This may be surprising to some, especially since alcohol consumption may be associated with mostly negative health effects like damage to the liver. This is a great excuse to get your favorite Bloody Mary mix and make yourself a drink every night,

There are some other interesting side effects to daily alcohol consumption. Perhaps the most random is the fact that if you are quite intoxicated, bedbugs and other vampiric pests will not enjoy your blood as much as a straight-lace sober fellow. Of course if you are getting boozed up in a place with rampant blood-sucking insect infestations, you probably have other things to worry about, but it’s still nice to know you can turn yourself into a walking insect repellant.

Cardiovascular diseases seem to be staved off by drinking at least 4 times a week, and the people who consume at such a rate generally have the highest health scores and lowest mortality rates, especially when compared to people who don’t consume at all. That’s right, drinking several times a week is actually better for you than not drinking at all. What type of alcohol or how much doesn’t really affect the ratings, unless you are blacking out several times a week; instead the key factor in longevity and healthiness is the number of times a week you drink. Alcohol has also been shown to decrease dementia and Alzheimer’s occurrences, leading some experts to advise continued drinking even in your golden years.

It seems the old Irish proverb is somewhat apt: “What butter or whiskey does not cure cannot be cured.”

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