Tips to remove spots

The pesky buggers can be annoying but there is no reason to suffer in silence and desperation. Got a party or a date tomorrow? Stop crying and read ths article! Read this and you will be on the lash/pull in no time.

I shall try not to bore you with an nteresting yet lengthy history into the formation of your zits so like the spot on your pretty face.... Let's get STUCK IN!

METHOD 1: Magnesium Sulfate Paste This is the best and I put it first. Magnesium Sulphate comes in a whte paste bought over the counter at your local chemist. It is cheap and works the best. Mag Sulphate is a drying agent so it drys he heck out of your spot and makes it smaller. Stir well with a cotton bud and put some on your spots and overnight it should dry it out. I triedit overnight but be carefull as the paste is sticky and ca get on your pillow. It didnt make it go but the zit is barely noticeable. So try it in the day and again before bed for better effect.

A few word on Magnesium Sulphate: works with boils and carbuncles. Works with Acne and the occassional spot or pimple. I have not a clue if it works with Black or whiteheads. It should .

METHOD 2: TCP Antiseptic Method

Never been tested by yours truly but saaidto work. One warm damp cloth to the pimply pest and a splish of TCP regularily and it should work.