Top tips to get rid of your pesky spot

We've all been there. Tomorrow is graduation, your birthday or your first date with the crush you have had for a year but your face doesn't care and has cracked out a whopper of a spot. 

Don't panic! We can help you treat this with our community's best tricks to get rid of a pesky spot overnight!

Check out how to bamboozle your blemish... 

"Sudocrem is very good... toothpaste also kind of works," says littlemiss-sunshine 

"Try Savlon- it kills the bacteria or something and they disappear kidding!" says girlmechanik 

"Grab a couple of aspirin, dissolve/crush them in a bit of water until a paste is created then apply the paste to your face," says fabulous_darling 

pesky spots

"Tea-tree oil is amazing," says AccioJellyBean 

"I know this sounds weird but white vinegar is really good on spots, obviously not near the eyes," says charcharchar 

"Germolene! Smells weird but works amazingly," says littlechinagirl

"I used toothpaste but it got quite annoying after a while, now I use black tea," says james93parsons 

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