Help with health costs

Treatment on the NHS is mainly free. However, many basic tests and commonly used supports can cost money; including:

  • NHS Prescriptions
  • Dental Charges
  • Wig and Fabric Supports
  • Sight Tests
  • Glasses and Contact Lenses
  • Travel for treatment by a consultant

To gain help with these costs you need to fill in a HC1 form (NHS Help for those with low incomes) to get a HC2 certificate that proves to anyone who requests it that you qualify for help.

You cannot claim for help if you or your partner have £16,000 in savings, property or any money. Any student loans, grants, bursaries, etc. that you're entitled to are counted, even if you don't take them out.

To get a HC1 form you can click here or call at a doctors' surgery, job centre or hospital. You don't need to fill in a HC1 form if you (or your partner) are on income support, income-based job seekers or income-based employment support allowance. You may need to take your award letter as proof when wanting to make a claim for help with health costs.