Nine signs you're a proper scrooge

Christmas is usually a time to spend with friends and family, an excuse to over indulge on nice food and get presents, does it really sound that bad? Well for some, yes. Some people in fact really dislike Christmas and turn into proper Scrooges. Here's how you know if you're a scrooge or not:

1. You hate presents

Hate Presents

2. You avoid having to queue everywhere you shop in December


3. You feel forced into the "festive cheer"

festive cheer
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4. Your favourite Christmas movie is The Grinch

The Grinch

5. You have to deal with tedious family dramas


6. You think all Christmas songs should be destroyed

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7. You have to eat turkey that's drier than sand

dry turkey

8. You think Christmas decorations are a waste of time


9. You don't want to spend money so re-gifting it is


What other things tick you off about Christmas? Post your Christmas scroogeness in the comments below.

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