Nightmare driving tests

After spending months (years?) learning to drive, it all comes down to one day: your driving test. Hmmm, pressure much? 

Yup, if you've got your test coming up, you might be feeling the nerves a bit. But don't worry. Even if you don't pass this time, it can't go as badly as it did for these members of the TSR community...

Don't press the...oh, too late


Your driving test isn't the time to be trying out new experiences, as this story from TSR member ZoominglyFree shows perfectly,

"On my test I pressed this button that ejected the boot catch, so the boot flew open as we were driving round a roundabout. I tried to correct the fault, but accidentally pushed the indicator. Then I went round the roundabout again as I missed the exit and then I put my hazard warning lights on. 

"Anyway, all of this happened in like a minute and then the lady stopped the car and started giving me an earful. Then, as a natural reaction to getting a rollicking, I said it was her fault... If I try I can still remember that moment it all went silent. Still, at least she didn't make me walk back to the test centre."


Why now?

For CC2010, things couldn't have got off to a worse start. 

"I forgot to turn the ignition on! I was literally shaking with nerves. I'd even started preparing the car and couldn't understand why the dashboard was switched off." 

"The examiner rather patronisingly went: "It helps to have the car switched on, you know?" I realised then that I was doomed."


Keep 'em peeled

Pandabär’s story sounds like a classic case of over-concentrating on one aspect of driving.

"My friend turned a left corner while looking to check for traffic on the right. She didn't straighten the wheel after the turn quickly enough, and went onto the pavement, hitting a tree. What's perhaps most terrifying is that she passed a few weeks later."


I hope they gave you some petrol money…

Outlaw-torn's test was more successful, as they passed first time. But it couldn't have been much more uncomfortable.

"I had THREE people in the car with me: the examiner, my instructor, AND another examiner who was examining the examiner. Talk about pressure!"


Collateral damage

When it comes to driving tests, there's failing and there's FAILING. TSR member Tuppenny’s mate definitely managed the latter. 

"I once knew a guy who failed his driving test because at the beginning of the test he crashed the car into the test centre building. That’s pretty epic."


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The joke is not always on you

It’s great to hear that examiners can make mistakes too. Nelliephant says:

"My friend had his test cancelled because one of the examiners hit their car in to the post on the way in to the centre."


Turning a nightmare into success

But how about this for a feel-good tale? "On my test I was approaching a green traffic light," says Trident3. "I glanced left and saw a car running his red light at very high speed so hit the brakes very hard.

"The examiner hadn't seen the other car and turned to me to ask what I thought I was doing (It was a great emergency stop!). Then he saw the fast car just miss the front of ours. If that car had hit us side-on we would both have been seriously injured, quite possibly killed." 

"A few minutes later the examiner asked me to stop at the side of the road, which was going to be a hill start. 

"By then I'd got the shakes from the near-miss, and I bashed the wheels hard against the kerb, went up the kerb onto the pavement and then back onto the road. 

"I said to the examiner "Do you mind if I take a very quick walk and check the wheels?". He said: "No, fine," and I turned the engine off, put the handbrake on, got out, and checked I hadn't damaged the wheels. 

"I got back into the car and he asked if I was OK to continue. I said 'I think so', restarted the engine and continued on.

"I wasn't worried about the rest of the test. Banging the wheels hard up the kerb that hard meant I knew I'd failed so I relaxed (as much as I could!) and just drove. 

"What did surprise me was when we got back to the centre he said to me 'I'm happy to tell you that you have passed.' "



Passing your driving test is as much about conquering your nerves as it is showing your driving ability. 

Before your test, try to relax. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, have a cup of tea or go for a short walk. Take a deep breath once you get inside the car and settle in to your usual routine.

Keep in mind that you’ve had the lessons, your instructor is confident in your ability. You’re ready.

Even if you don't pass first time, it's not the end of the world. If anything the experience will make you a better driver. 

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