Ten things you should and shouldn't do at a festival this summer

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The summer is now underway and most people are getting prepared for what could be the best festival season of their lives. 

The Student Room have put together a list of what you should and shouldn't be doing to help you survive your festival. Good luck!

DO Read the rules

Be sure to know what you can and can't take to the festival you're going to. If you take in something that you shouldn't it might get confiscated and binned (even if it is expensive!). All you need to do is go onto the festival page and try and find a packing list; usually under an information tab. V Festival are clever enough to make it fool proof, here's their version of a festival packing list.

DO Dress like you know what's going to happen

One or two days before you go away check the weather forecast, this way you know what to pack for the time you're there. Ok, granted the weather can change quite dramatically (especially in the UK) but at least if you check the forecast you have a good idea whether to pack several pack-a-macs or all of your short collection.

DO Take a cheap festival phone

Do you really want to lose your brand new iPhone? I didn't think so. Your best bet is scoping out an old phone to take with you just in case you lose your mates in a big crowd. Not only are the cheaper phones more durable, the battery life on them will probably last the whole weekend. The Independent have recommended a few 'festival' phones that you could take with you, here they are.

DO Drink lots of Water

Keeping hydrated is a must, especially on a hot day, make sure you're drinking water at regular times of the day. Something that you could consider taking with you is a "Bobble" bottle. It means that you have a refillable bottle but also a bottle that filters the water so you know what you're drinking is clean. 


At the end of the day, you're at a festival for a reason and that's to have an amazing time. So just remember, stay safe, be sensible but have an unbelievable amount of fun - after all, you probably deserve it!

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DON'T Forget suncream

Always take suncream with you wherever you go, you never know what the weather is going to be like especially if you're going to a festival in the UK (it's a possibility that you may have four seasons in one day). This also links with keeping up your water intake, sunstroke will definitely ruin your festival.

DON'T Take many/ any valuables

I'm sure you'll have to take a few valuables with you (money etc.), but don't take anything you will mind losing. The last thing you want is to have some of your possessions stolen or broken, it has the potential to put you into a bad mood and no-one wants that.

DON'T Spend money on pointless tat

It's so easy to do but you have to stop yourself. Don't spend your money on pointless things that you will only use once and then throw in the bin at the end. You're best saving your money for something that is essential; such as toothpaste or water. If you insist on buying pointless rubbish get it before you go away, this way it'll be cheaper.

DON'T Forget baby wipes

Baby wipes can be used for various things and they're always handy to have on you. Whether you spill anything, need a quick spruce up or need to wipe your...well yeah, you get the picture. Definitely essential and they're really cheap too, so don't forget to take a pack of baby wipes with you. 

DON'T Update social media every minute

You're at a festival to have fun not let everyone else know where you are and what you're doing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. can wait until later. The more you update your social media channels when you're away, the likelihood is that you're not embracing where you are and not having fun. HAVE FUN.

For more info and chat around festivals, check out the dedicated forum here!

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