Music review, noel gallagher's high flying birds

After departing from the cult British band Oasis following a sell-out tour in the autumn of 2009, Noel Gallagher started his own band palying music quite different from the past. Titled Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, this is a rock band with a soul, so the move that left many fans heartbroken might not have been healed as of yet due to its stark contrasts in approaching work. In the epynomous, self-titled album, you will find former Oasis keyboard player Mike Rowe, which is a welcome change of pace to how things have worked in Oasis in the past. Ther many departures have left fans a bit too confused at times over how prominent the differences could be over their methods of working. You will also find the wonderful "The Lemon Trees" drummer, Jeremy Stacey onboard but star power aside, where does the album come in, when it comes to good music? The album is very melodic, to say the least. There is orchestra, guest stars in the form of the "Crouch End Festival Chorus", more of the Oasis trombone, (gasp!) modern house music, and of course a special treat for Oasis fans - a previously unrealesed track Stop the Clocks! from the band, that is divine just as any music lover of all things Oasis would tell you..even if it only ever reaches the "Time Flies... 1994-2009" edition of fandom. Noel Gallagher seems much more mature than ever before, and this a positive attitude to keep around. He seems content with the new independence he has been granted with post-Oasis breakup and if this album is anything to go by, then he is off on a chart-topping success route, quite unlike his brother, Liam. If you love guitar-solos, and vocals with a clarity sung over beautiful piano chords, it doesn't matter if you love or loathe Oasis. You will still love this album, and even this band because this is where Noel Gallagher gets to reinvent himself with his music, which here, means going all-solo in everything![1] This review was written by Fashion Girl