Radio Rivendell

Radio Rivendell is a streaming Internet radio station. It plays fantasy music, some movie soundtracks and background music from games. It was stared by Lord Elrond in 2001 although he cannot remember the exact date. It was originally created for Elrond and his friends to listen to during their roleplaying sessions. The station is supported by donations that people provide and through Amazon affiliate sales. All the money goes into hardware, software, domain costs and CDs.

Lord Elrond named his station Radio Rivendell and added it to the shoutcast directory. It was hardly noticed in directory but the station slowly developed an audience until all six slots on it were full 24/7. He increased this to eight and bought a domain and developed his website to provide listeners with something useful.

Over time Radio Rivendell has gained helpers that rebroadcast the radio and help with the site. At one point the station had slots for 600 listeners thanks to a listener named Count. Unfortunately the radio can only support 140 listeners at the moment.

Lord Elrond describes the music being played:

The music that is being played is mainly from fantasy films such as Lord of the Rings, Conan, Willow and such, but it also features music from well known computer games such as Warcraft, Baldur's Gate, Dungeon Siege and many more.

As time passed by Radio Rivendell has tried to promote small bands and independent artists who submit music and has allowed Radio Rivendell to play their music. This is something that will grow in the future.