Nine bits of nostalgia we can all relate to

Today it's nice having the latest gadgets but lets face it, what have today has nothing on what we had 20 years ago. Imagine going back to the time when playing with toy cars and fire engines was acceptable. 

TSR's Jeanlucpicard takes a trip to the old school and shares some of his childhood nostalgia gems. What are the toys you loved the most as a kid? Let us know in the comments. Here are a few to get you started:


1. Etch-a-Sketch

The Etch-A-Sketch was a vital part of most people's childhood, even if they have been around since the 60's. It was often hard to use; you'd attempt to draw something amazing but end up drawing something completely random (we all know it was near enough impossible to draw amazing diagonal lines). If you've never used one before I would really recommend it. A word of warning: they're extremely addictive. 


2. Diabolos

You must have been one of the cool kids if you had a Diabolo, after all they were pretty amazing. My Diabolo kept me entertained for hours. I'd always try and teach myself some of the really complex tricks (I'd like to point out at this point that I was never any good). A Diabolo was/is a set of sticks attached to string with a rubbery ball that you had to balance on the string. If you're looking for a new hobby and you have lots of time on your hands, a Diabolo is definitely for you.


3. Viewmaster

The Viewmaster wasn't overly popular but it was a fun gadget to have around the house (especially when you got the new cards for Christmas). For those that don't know what a Viewmaster was, it was a viewing binocular that let you look at negatives on a small card. If you put the card into the Viewmaster and hold it up to the light, you could flick through all your favourite cartoons (the Toy Story negatives were the best).


4. Pogs and Tazos

Pogs and Tazos are the reason why that I was a (putting this politely) slightly plumper kid than others kids. Pogs and Tazos came in crisp packets, so in my attempt to get a good collection of them, I'd buy a multi-pack of crisps at a time and eat the whole lot. Pogs and Tazos were used in the same way as Pokemon cards are today; you were able to trade and fight each disc against other Pogs and Tazos.


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5. Yoyo's

Yoyo's were one of the biggest fads when I was at school, so I had to have one. I had the Thunderstone yoyo due to it's bright colours and because it had ball bearings (I don't know what the ball bearings did, the yoyo just looked cool). Yoyo's took up most lunch breaks at school, where most kids played on the playground practicing their tricks; I was especially fond of "the rocking cradle", "walk the dog" and "around the world". 


6. Tamagotchi

Where do I start with the Tamagotchi? As fun as they may have been, I can imagine if they existed now, the parents of today would go spare. A Tamagotchi was a virtual pet that you fed, played with and looked after. Looking back on this now, they were really annoying toys to have as they would make horrendous sounds, they were however a great toy that I remember from my childhood. 


7. Seamonkeys

I used to have Seamonkeys when I was a kid and it's only until recently that I've tried to re-live a part of my youth by getting some more; it certainly hasn't disappointed. Seamonkeys come in a DIY packet and what you have to do is put the contents of the packet into a tank with some water, after a few days, you have life! I'm still unsure how these living creatures spawn from a packet and live for up to two years, but I guess that's part of the fun. 


8. Furby

One of the most intellectual and intelligent toys of the 90s. The toy that spoke and responded to you. The point of the Furby was to help develop people's speaking skills; they would start by speaking "Furbish" but as you spoke to each other they began to speak English more. Furby's have made a recent come-back, but aren't anything like they once were (plus, they keep getting more and more scary).


9. Gameboy Original

Before the amazing games consoles, smartphones and tablets we have today, the Gameboy Original was one of the best gadgets you could own. At first you didn't have much choice of which game to play, but the Gameboy Original was one of the first platforms to spark my love for Tetris. The Gameboy looked like a brick and ran on AA battery's but it was an unbelievable handheld console that helped kick-start and shape the handheld consoles we have today. If you have a Gameboy Original, dust it off and give it a go again, you won't regret it.