Conservative Party Manifesto: the bitesize edition!

The Conservative Party 2015 manifesto came out this week but what does it all mean? One of our TSR community and political ambassador, Aj12, has broken down the manifesto into bitesized chunks: 
What do the Tories say about...



  • Turn every coasting school into an Academy
  • Create 3 million apprenticeships
  • Tough new standards for Maths and Literacy in primary school
  • Every pupil to take Maths, English, Science, Language, History or Geography at GCSE
  • 500 new free schools over the next parliament
  • Abolish the cap on university admissions
  • New national loan system for taught masters and PHD's


  • Extra 8 billion for the NHS by 2020
  • Ensure you can see a GP 7 days a week by 2020
  • Restore right to access a named GP
  • Increased funding for mental health care- ensure there are therapists in every part of the country


  • Eliminate the deficit and aim to run a surplus so we can pay down debts
  • Rebalance the economy through the creation of a northern powerhouse
  • Reduce government spending by 1% in real terms for the next two financial years
  • £30 billion of "fiscal consolidation" over the next two years
  • Help businesses to create 2 million jobs


  • Cut annual net migration to tens of thousands
  • Control immigration from the EU through reform of welfare rules
  • Clamp down on illegal immigration and minimum wage abuse
  • Immigration cap of 20,700


  • Build 200,000 new starter homes for first time buyers under 40
  • Extend 'Help to Buy' to 2020
  • Extend Right to Buy to tenants of housing associations


  • Create a new blue belt to protect marine environments
  • Keep forests in Trust
  • £3 billion to improve flood defences.
  • Ban wild animals in the circus


  • Increase the tax free allowance to £12,500
  • 40p tax threshold to rise to £50,000
  • Crack down on tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance
  • No income, national insurance or VAT rises
  • No national insurance contributions on apprenticeships up to 25


  • In-Out referendum in 2017
  • Ensure EU migrants to work here for 4 years before claiming welfare
  • EU migrants won't be considered for social housing
  • No child benefit for EU migrant children living abroad
  • If job seekers have not received a job with 6 months they must leave


  • £13 billion for transport in the North
  • Committed to HS2
  • Develop HS3 to join up the North
  • Commitment to road building across the country
  • Keep rail fares frozen in real terms for the whole of the next parliament


  • 0.7% of GDP to be spent on International development
  • Support the government of Afghanistan
  • Support a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue
  • Create strong trade links with India and China


  • Army will not be reduced below 82,000
  • Retain Trident
  • Hold a Defence review


  • Welfare cap on households at £23,000
  • Working parents to receive 30 hours of free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds
  • Working age benefits to be frozen for the next two years

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