Election 2010

Have your say & vote to make a difference

The general election has become one of the most talked about topics on The Student Room.

During the lead up to big day on May the 6th we're doing a number of things to support the debate, help differentiate the parties and make the election fun:

1/ TSR Exclusive - The leaders of the political parties will be submitting answers to 10 questions shortlisted from 400 posted by TSR members.

2/ Talk about the policies and personalities in the 2010 Election forum (2000 posts a day into this forum at the moment!)

3/ Take part in our weekly election poll, the largest student polls in the UK. The results of which will be published back on the site for everyone to discuss.

4/ If you're interested in getting more involved in politics become a member of the Student Room model Parliament.

The outcome of the election will have a significant impact your life, have your say and if you can vote to make a difference.

If you're not registered to vote yet sign up here.


Question time with the Party leaders


The leaders of the political parties will be submitting answers to 10 questions shortlisted from 400 posted by TSR members in the Election forum. The schedule is as follows:

All Q&A's now live:

We're very pleased that students from around the UK are being given this opportunity to have their questions answered by their future prime minister.

A massive thanks to the party leaders for giving their time!


POLL: Lib Dems lead student election race

As the leaders of the main parties appear in a series of online question and answers sessions on The Student Room, research reveals:

  • The Lib Dems would win the largest share of the student vote, with a nine point lead over their nearest rivals
  • The Conservatives would come second, with Labour in third
  • Nine out of 10 students are set to vote in this election
  • Yet 68 per cent do not feel represented by Westminster

Click here to view the full findings




Take part in the largest student poll

Are you eligible to vote?

Who will you vote for and why?

Which issues are most important to you?

Who do you think came out best from the TV debates?

Leading up to the general election we're running polls to find out which party gets the student vote as we get closer to election day.

Take part in the FINAL election day poll for students





General Election 2010 Forum

Compare party policies, comment on the candidates performances along the campaign trail or post up fun stuff like your own spoof party posters... Join in the discussion in our official election forum below:


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