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General election 2017 manifesto breakdowns

The general election is almost here and party manifestos are being released. This year, more young people than ever are registering to vote, with more than 40% of new registrations attributed to under 25's.

Young people all over the UK are making the important decision of who should represent them, but it's not always an easy choice. TSR user hezzlington asks, "How do I make a well informed choice based on appropriately used statistics and, more importantly, the truth?"

Manifestos give a good sense of what each party stands for, but they can be quite a read. We will be breaking them down into bite-sized snapshots to make them easily digestible. 

If you're interesting in registering to vote, check out this handy resource before the registration deadline on 22nd May. You can also join the discussion in our election forum, or ask a party leader a question


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