UKIP Manifesto- the bitesize edition!

The UKIP 2015 manifesto is out but what does it all mean? One of our TSR D&CA team and political ambassador, Aj12, has broken down the manifesto into bitesized chunks to highlight the key policies: 

What do UKIP say about...



  • Decrease paperwork for teachers
  • Enforce restrictions on class sizes to 30 and bring them down to 25
  • Scrap performance related pay for teachers
  • Free tuition fees for STEMM students ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine)
  • Aim for a range of schools, grammar vocational, technical, specialist,
  • Parents to have the right to home-school their children


  • 8000 more GP's
  • 20,000 more nurses
  • 3000 more midwives
  • Migrants must have approved health insurance to stop health tourism


  • Save £9 billion a year by leaving the EU
  • Reduce the overseas aid budget to 0.2% of GDP
  • Cut the cost of Westminster, savings will be used to repair the Palace of Westminster
  • Save £5.5 million through replacing the Barnett formula


  • Take control of British borders and leave the EU
  • 5 year moratorium on unskilled immigration
  • Introduce an Australian style points system
  • Increase the Border Agencies staff by 2,500


  • Incentivise brownfield housing development
  • Prioritise those in local areas for housing first
  • Prevent foreign nationals having access to social housing
  • Support Right to Buy and Help to Buy


  • Supports Fracking
  • End funding for wind and solar power


  • Abolish inheritance tax
  • Reform and remove VAT from certain products and services, including sanitary products
  • Raise the personal allowance to £13,000


  • Scrap HS2

Foreign and Defence

  • Increase defence spending to 2% of GDP in line with NATO targets, exceed this for the duration of Parliament
  • Renew Trident
  • Two state solution in Palestine
  • Negotiate trade deals and move beyond European affairs
  • Leave the EU


  • Bring in a flexible pension age
  • Lower cap on benefits
  • Limit child benefit to two children per family
  • Support food banks and develop them into community advice centers

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