'What if no-one wins the election?' Coalition compromises explained...

The closer the election gets, the more certain it is becoming that we are headed for another hung parliament. 
In lieu of a majority, to form a government either the Conservatives or Labour will need to create a coalition to make up enough seats. Last election this was achieved by the Conservatives pairing up with the Lib Dems. However, it seems coalition deals might not be so simple this time around with the possibility of a 'rainbow' coalition or a 'grand' coalition being on the cards. 

Here are the options:



Discussions of this controversial coalition has been all over the news and adamantly dismissed by Ed Miliband. However, he may end up eating his words after election day and breaking his promise to get Labour into power. According to polling predictions, this coalition would be the most likely two party deal to make up the number of seats. 

Labour/Lib Dem

Deemed the potential 'coalition of losers', it is now looking unlikely that Lib Dems will gain enough seats to make this happen. However, it could be one of the more stable options for a minority coalition if enough seats are gained.

Labour/SNP/Lib Dem

This could be another likely option to make up the necessary number of seats, though Lib Dem Vince Cable has stated that pairing up with the SNPs is 'inconceivable'.

Labour/SNP/Green/Plaid Cymru/DUP

A rainbow of colours, this coalition has been spoken about on the basis that in exchange for their support, Labour would have to scrap Trident. 

Tory/Lib Dem

This prospect seemed to be on the cards for the next 5 years but with the Lib Dems weakening seat numbers and reports that the Lib Dems are reluctant to team up with the Tories again, the chances of this are decreasing rapidly.


Nicola Sturgeon has vowed to never go into coalition with the Conservatives so this one is probably been ruled out but would the SNPs sacrifice their promise to get into power? 

Tory/Lib Dem/DUP/UKIP

To pull up seat numbers the Conservatives might have to gather support from elsewhere. This deal seems unlikely as Nick Clegg has stated he would not work alongside UKIP and a four-way deal could create a very unstable minority coalition.


The media has been spouting mixed messages around this, with some saying that a Tory/UKIP coalition was completely off the cards and other news providers saying that Cameron has not ruled this option out. If it were to happen, Farage has said he would agree to it on the basis of the EU referendum taking place (and pretty soon). 


This partnership would form a 'grand coalition' government. With policies that disagree on almost every turn there are many critics who are skeptical of how this option could work. However, it is not unheard of and Germany, as well as other European countries, are currently governed by grand coalitions. 

What are the other options? If a coalition fails to form then a re-election will be called for. Nick Clegg has warned that a coalition not including the Lib Dems for stability will result in a second election before Christmas.

Which coalition would you be most likely to back? 

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Photo credits- Surian Soosay, The Three Amigos / Parties to Unite over BSkyB Bid Call, https://www.flickr.com/photos/ssoosay/5932703853