Which political party do you align with most? Find out here!

Our general election 2015 partner, Bite the Ballot want to get young people voting on May 7th. 

As Voter Registration Deadline looms (April 20th), Bite the Ballot would like to tell the community why they should register to vote, check out what they had to say below:

Words by Bite the Ballot 

First things, first. As a generation, we can only take power if recognise that in numbers we’re strong, and far less likely to be disproportionately affected by difficult decisions, such as, wait for it- yes, student fees. The 2015 General Election is only 20 days away. Crucially, the deadline to register to vote is 3 days away.

Why should I register? 

- If you’re not registered, you can’t vote. 

- Being registered puts you on the map. It makes politicians - and manifesto-writers - sit up and take notice. 

- It helps with your credit rating 

- Registering ensures we have a more diverse and representative jury service. 

Register to vote in just a couple of minutes by visiting the official site here. 

Now cast aside (for a moment) the tales of broken promises and that many students will say they voted once and there’s no point. Well there is. The reason the student fees hiked was because we weren’t registered to vote en masse and politicians knew we couldn’t punish them at the ballot box. Let's treat 2015 as our time to rise up, register and vote in such numbers that the issues that matter to us are not dropped this time because of fear we will strike back. 

Once you've registered, it's time to start considering which party will get your vote. If you are undecided then Bite the Ballot can offer you a simple tool that will help.

Verto is a voter advice tool that helps you decide which party best represents your views and interests. It’s been made for you by us - Bite The Ballot and the think-tank Demos and is hosted on The Student Room.

Verto offers you statements on key issues. All you need to do is indicate whether you agree or disagree by swiping left or right (if you’re on mobile), or clicking (if you’re on desktop). Then, Verto will begin to build up a picture of your personal, political profile and party matches.

Once you’ve expressed your views on the topics you care about, you rank them in order of what matters most to you. That’s what politics is all about. Prioritising what matters most to you, your community and your country, and then finding out which parties’ policies best match your views. 

Remember to register to vote before midnight on Monday 20th April! 

Check out the Verto tool by clicking on the logo below to see which political party you align with most!