Azerbaijan mun

  • Azerbaijan mun

Azerbaijan Capital: Baku Continent: Eastern Europe/Eurasia- largest country in the Caucasus region!


Allies: Turkey (A ‘special relationship’, apparently ), Pakistan, USA, Germany, Finland, Israel and Iran (Israel and Iran? What a crazy country)

Biggest enemy at present: Armenia

Bad stuff: Azerbaijan has been slammed for its approach to human rights, the media and homosexuals

Good stuff: Since its separation from the Soviet Union in 1996, Azerbaijan has been a force for good – despite bad human rights records, it was elected to the Human Rights Council in the United Nations General Assembly

More importantly, Azerbaijan does tremendously each year in the Eurovision song contest

Azerbaijan is integral to multiple international communities, thoroughly enjoying a bit of multilateral action. It is orchestral in the eradication of terrorism, helping peace keeping missions in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan

Azerbaijan has an open and friendly relationship to the European Union (could potentially apply for EU membership on TSR?) If you were to sum up Azerbaijan’s politics in a word, it might be ‘conciliatory’

Armenian conflict!

The states of Azerbaijan and Armenia have been in a dispute over the region of Armenian-occupied Nagorno-Karabakh since 2007

Turkey and Azerbaijan are in a joint campaign of economic sanctions to pressure Armenia into returning the land to Azerbaijan


If you’re an affable character, don’t like to provoke others (apart from Armenia) and like co-operating with Turkey, this seat is probably for you!!