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Capital: Ottawa Continent: North America Currency: Canadian Dollar Prime Minister: Stephen Harper

Allies: The United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, other NATO members

Political philosophy: Canada’s political philosophy incorporates many aspects including freedom of religion, constitutional law and personal liberties. Many of these ideas come from British common law and French civil law traditions. Canada has a tradition of liberalism and as a result individual freedoms are the forefront of Canada’s political philosophy as shown with large support for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, with support also for a relatively free economy, and social liberal attitudes towards homosexuality and women’s rights. In TSR, this country allows you to play the true beacon of liberalism and democracy and of course, the most polite people in the world.

Economy: ‘Globalised’ – Canada is the world’s 11th largest economy, a member of the G8 and one of the world’s top trading nations. Canada’s main imports come from the United States with over half of imports coming from there. Main importers also come from the United Kingdom and Japan. About 75% of Canada’s workforce is employed in the tertiary sector. Though, Canada does have a significant primary sector, unlike in other developed nations, specifically in logging and petroleum. Though, Canada did experience a recession during the global financial crisis, it was not as severe as it was in the other impacted nations. This is because of Canada’s regulated banking sector.

Recent history of Canada: • Canada became the fourth country in the world and first in the Americas to legalise same-sex marriage. • From 2002-2011, Canada was involved in the Afghanistan War as part of the US stabilisation force and NATO’s International Security Assistance Force. • In the most recent Human Development Index results, Canada is 6th which indicates a very high level of human development. • In 2002, under the Liberal government, Canada signed the Kyoto Protocol, however, in 2007, under the present Conservative government, Canada nullified their membership and proposed a ‘Made-in-Canada’ approach to climate change.

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