Eritrea mun

Eritrea - إرتريا‎ (Officially the State of Eritrea)

Official Languages: Tigrinya, Arabic and English Location: Eastern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Dijibouti and Sudan Population: 5.4 million (UN, 2011) Capital: Asmara Area: 117,600 sq km (comparitively slightly large than Pennsylvania) Current Head of State: Isaias Afwerki Currency: Nakfa (ERN) 1.00 ERN is equivalent to 0.0662250 USD (as of 09-02-2013 13:35 UTC)

Foreign relations: The current government prides in having no offical allies, after the fall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya. However, Eritrea has close ties with the State of Israel (with Eritrea's proximity to the Red Sea, it is a good ally to Israel), the Kingdom of Denmark (who have given development assistance to Eritrea in the past), and is an observer in the League of Arab States. Eritrea also have decent relationships with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the People's Republic of China, and a strong relationship with the Italian Republic and the European Union. A complicated relationship exists between Eritrea and the United States of America. Eritrea's arch enemy is the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, who had only recently awared Eritrea independence, after a lengthy struggle, on 24th May 1991. Eritrea also has strained relations with it's neighbours, some causing war such as with the Republic of Yemen.

Politics: Eritrea is currently a single-party presidential republic, with President Afewerki being the head of state, as well as the leader of the People's Front for Democracy and Justice, since 27th April 1991. The PFDJ is an Eritrean nationalist party aimed to appeal to nationalists of any political affiliation. It is the only party considered legal in Eritrea, with illegal parties being the Eritrean People's Party, the Eritrean Liberation Front, the Eritrean National Alliance, the Ertirean Popular Movement, the Eritrean Democratic Part and the Eritrean Liberation Front-National Council. Eritrea holds irregular general elections, the last one being held in May 2003, but there is only one party so they prove a little pointless.

Economy: The Eritrean nafka is rather inexchangeable, with it being equivalent to a around 1/66th of a US cent. Eritrea's most prosperous venture is in gold mining, and agriculture employed nearly 80% of the population. It's main import partners, with who it would have ties with, are Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and South Korea. Eritrea is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with it's estimated GDP in 2011 being $4.412 billion, and has around an 8% GDP growth.

Human Rights: Eritrea has been accused of multiple human rights violations. Freedom of speech, press, assembly and association are limited, and its media freedom has been ranked at number 178 in Reports Without Borders' 2010 Freedom of Index, the lowest possible rating and below that of the totalitarian Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea. Reports Without Borders have observed that the media “do nothing but relay the regime's belligerent and ultra-nationalist discourse. ... Not a single [foreign correspondent] now lives in Asmara." Eritrea also has limited religious freedom, with the only affilaitions to faith allowed being Eritrean Orthodox, Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism and Sunnite Islam. A low amount of Eritreans are atheists. Eritrea has also had no history of persecution against Judaism, and once had a large following there, but there is now only one native Jew, Samuel Cohen, left (embassies, namely the Israeli embassy, have a number of Jews working there also), who stays to look after the Asmara Synagogue, the last remaining remnant of Judaism. Thousands of people have been arrested for worshipping unoffical religions. The country obviously attempts to justify or deny these allegations.

Diplomatic Contact: Eritrea's ambassador to the Model United Nations is currently Bonoahx, as of February 2013. Relatively new to the Model United Nations, he has not done much yet, but is planning to be a voice of support for the Arab League, as well as Israel on some occasions, within the TSR world. He is also representative for Cuba.