Fiji mun


Capital: Suva

Location: Melanesia- a sub region of Oceania (you know, that massive stretch of sea above New Zealand )

Leader: Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (Ralph for short)

Probably best known for its beautiful beaches, but Fiji does have an international role too.


Fiji is a Parliamentary republic run by a military appointed government (since a coup d’état in 2006)

There have been four coups in Fiji’s history since its independence from the British in 1970

There are, however, positive signs for Fiji’s internal politics. A new Constitution, following a nationwide consultation, shall be unveiled in 2014 after elections.

Despite this, Fiji officially calls itself a ‘parliamentary, representative democratic republic’ (but don’t they all?)


Fiji’s economy is almost entirely reliant on its tourist industry and sugar exports


Pretty much a mystery- but in geographical terms- Tuvalu, Tonga, Vanuatu, Samoa, Australia, New Zealand (and it maintains relations with the UK)


Fiji has a long history of colonial rule- hence the Union Flag that remains in the corner of the Fijian flag.


There is a lot of freedom in the role of Fijian representative, as they are a small island state, they are not the most influential, but they still have a big role to play on the world stage. On TSR, the most surprising of nations are often the most pervasive.