French republic

Introduction to France

Capital – Paris

Continent – Europe

President – Francois Hollande

Prime Minister – Jean-Marc Ayrault

Languages – French

Currency – Euro

In the MUN

France, as a member of the Security Council holds significant power and influence within the MUN, as is the case for all Security Council seats, an election is required to be elected as the representative for France. As France are not only central to global affairs but also European, as one of the founders of the European Union, it would be a great role to take on for any member of the MUN.


France has strong alliances with the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and also members of the European Union. (EU) Individual countries that France has strong ties with are Germany, the UK and the US. However, France famously protested the invasion of Iraq, which strained relations between themselves and the US and UK, however, rejoined the NATO joined military command in 2009 due to Nicolas Sarkozy’s ‘pro-American politics.’ France also has strong economic ties with China and Japan.

Political Philosophy

France is a semi-presidential republic, this means that there is a President and a Prime Minister and powers are split between the two. In France, this is known as cohabitation and the President and PM come from different parties. The President is generally responsible for foreign policy and the Prime Minister for domestic policy. A question that often comes up in French politics is that of, Liberalism, where markets are left to their own devices and the government is rarely involved in the market or Socialism, where some say is necessary for the welfare of workers.

The French Economy

In terms of GDP, France has the ninth largest economy in the world and second in the European Union, behind Germany. France’s main industries are chemicals, machinery, automobiles and electronics. France’s main export and import partners are Germany, Belgium and Italy. France was ranked 14th in the Human Development Index (HDI) in 2010.