Jordan mun

  • Jordan mun

Capital: Amman (Not to be confused with Oman) Continent: Asia Currency: Jordanian dinar King: Abdullah II Prime Minister: Abdullah Ensour

Political philosophy: Jordan is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy whereby the Prime Minister acts as the head of the government within a multi party system. Jordan is a constitutional monarchy based on its codified constitution which has been used since 1952. As of 2011 King Abdullah asked former Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit a former Prime Minister to form a more democratic government. However, Jordan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world in the form of nepotism, bribery and favouritism. Some of its current alliances include the USA who is Jordan's most important Ally, Russia and the EU.

TSR:, this provides you with the opportunity to be an Arab state who has to maintain a fair relationship with its neighbours especially Israel who as well as Egypt has made peace with the country. Being part of the Arab League means that Jordan has a say on Arab affairs and development. Also, being a nation where the official religion is Islam allows you to explore the role of religion in influencing politics.

Economy: ‘Robust’ and 'growing'-

- The economy of Jordan is robust and growing which is classified as an emerging market. After King Abdullah II's ascension to the throne in 1999 economically liberal policies were introduced which has in turn helped economic prosperity.

- It is one of the most competitive economies in the Middle East.

- It's main export partners are Iraq, US, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

- It's main import partners are Saudi Arabia, China, Germany, US and Egypt.

- It has more free trade treaties then any other Arab nation.

Jordan's future

In Jordan there is a future with possible greater democratisation as there is a further fragmentation of power between the King and the Prime Minister. King Abdullah also has calls for a "British style cabinet" which may or may not be plagued with corruption hopefully the former.

Jordan's past times include camel racing and starring in Star Trek. No seriously King Abdullah II had a role in Star Trek.

The current representative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is PierceBrosnan:- (October 2012-Present)