Netherlands mun

Capital: Amsterdam and The Hague (seat of government)
Continent: Europe
Currency: Euro
Language(s): Dutch, Frisian, Papiamento, English (regional)
Prime Minister: Mark Rutte
Monarch: Queen Beatrix


NATO, the EU, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany (not when it comes to football!)


The Netherlands has always been involved in the EU, and continues to do so. It is a member of NATO, and has allies in the majority of the members. Internationally, The Netherlands is very important, with the International Criminal Court situated in The Hague.

The Netherlands was a founding member of the EU, and the agreements it had with Belgium and Luxembourg (Benelux) paved the way for the Schengen Accord and the European community.

Overall, the country is generally peaceful and supports NATO on most matters.


The economy is primarily service based, but also has a substantial percentage of industrial activity. Its main trading partners are Germany, Belgium, France and the UK, all members of the EU.

Fun Facts

•The Netherlands’ national colour is orange, as the house of the royal family is the house of Orange-Nassau. 
•On Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day the whole country is painted orange, similarly to when the national team plays football. 
•The country has had a longstanding policy of tolerance, and so it is well known for drugs, which the government is attempting to combat the illegal use of, despite some drugs still being legal. The country has produced some very famous people including Vincent van Gogh. 
•Furthermore, Anne Frank’s annex was in the Dutch capital, and the Dutch football team has reached the final of the World Cup three times, yet has never won it.