Republic of india

An introduction to India

Capital: New Delhi
Continent: Although it is in Asia, it is pretty much its own continent i.e. Indian sub-continent
President: Pranab Mukherjee
Languages: Hindi and English
Currency: Rupee! (Isn’t that fun to say out loud?)

In the MUN

On TSR, India is a permanent member of the Security Council - thus it means you must be elected to fill this position.

As it is a BRIC nation, it has tremendous influence over international politics; hence it is a very fulfilling position to hold on TSR.


•India is technically the most populous ‘democracy’ on the planet with a population of over a billion.
•Third largest army in the world.
•A nuclear state.
•The United Progressive Alliance are currently at the helm, a left-leaning party.
•It has a multi-party system mirroring its pluralistic society.
•India’s immense size is owed to its composition of 27 states.


•Developing industrialised nation - market based (as many of you will experience from Indian call centres)
•In terms of GDP, one of the fastest growing economies on the planet.


•Multi-ethnic, multilingual society •Despite India’s growing wealth, it is also noted for its massive wealth gap- epitomised in Mumbai which has the biggest slum in India.
•Caste-system- a rigid social hierarchy. India emphasises traditional family values, having an incredibly low divorce rate.

Current Issues

•The rights of women - as was epitomised in the tragic rape of a physiotherapy student in Delhi, 2012.
•India has a poor legal framework in terms of sexual assaults on women, receiving international condemnation on the issue.


USA, EU, Russia, France, UK and Canada

Hostilities Towards

China and Pakistan

In the opinion of the present representative to India, Cheese_Monster, Indian food is the best in the world.