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Continent: Africa
Capital: Pretoria(executive), Bloemfontein(judicial) and Cape Town(legislative)
President: Jacob Zuma
Population: 51 Million
Currency: South African Rand

SA Flag


South Africa is a country situated on the southernmost tip of the continent. For much of the 20th century the country was ruled by a white minority under a system called Apartheid, which disenfranchised the Black population and legally segregated them.

Due to international and internal pressure Apartheid started to dismantle in 1990 until majority rule was instated with the country’s first free majority elections in 1994. Politically the country is a Constitutional Parliamentary Republic, with the Head of State also being the Head of Government.

South Africa is both a founding member of both the United Nations and its predecessor the League of Nations.


South Africa has a colourful mix of cultures with many different races calling the country home with over 11 national languages.

The breakdown of the ethnic demographics is 79% Black, White 9.6%, Coloured 8.9%, Asian 2.5%. Christianity is the main religion in South Africa, although there is a sizeable minority of Muslims and followers of other religions.


South Africa has a mixed economy, with some of its main industries being mining and agriculture. Their main trading partners are Japan, Germany, United States and China.

Problems include unemployment and vast inequality in wages and living standards.

Political Future

Corruption and bad governance are all threats to South Africa reaching its potential. The ruling ANC party have also introduced some controversial measures which have been interpreted as wanting to curtail any opposition; they have also mentioned the want to ‘Africanise’ the constitution.

Along with this you have unemployment, inequality and crime which can make for a volatile mix.