Switzerland mun

Capital: Bern Continent: Europe Currency: Swiss Franc President: Ueli Maurer

Political philosophy: Though Switzerland's politics is slightly complicated, it is interesting. Switzerland is a Directly-democratic directorial federal republic. The Jedi Federal Council of Switzerland is the head of government. Executive power (daily running of the state) is exercised by the government and the federal administration and not by one person. Federal legislative power is with the government and the two chambers of the Federal Assembly. The judiciary is independent of the legislature and executive. Any constitutional change requires a referendum; for any change in law this may be requested. Citizens may challenge any law voted by the federal parliament and may appropriately introduce amendments to the federal constitution, this makes Switzerland the closest nation to direct democracy in the world.

TSR:, this provides you with the opportunity to be a small but albeit influential and dominant country politically and economically. Though Switzerland is in Europe it is not a member of the European Union because the people did not want Switzerland to join the EU. Switzerland is politically neutral and has not been at war since 1815, though in the world of MUN neutrality can be hard to maintain .

Economy: ‘Foreign Investment driven’ and 'stable'-

- Switzerland's economy is one of the most stable economies in the world. Long term monetary security and general political stability has made the nation a wonder for foreign investors.

- Switzerland is the 27th best economy in the world. With its imports of machinery, chemicals, watches, textiles and precision instruments going across the world.

- It's main export partners are Germany, Italy, France, UK and the US.

- It's main import partners are Germany, Italy, France, US, Netherlands and Austria.

- Switzerland's banking secrecy is a very controversial element of the country.

Switzerland's future

In Switzerland, there is a future with the country edefining its relationships with Europe and the EU and trying to reform its banking secrecy to avoid scrutiny from the USA.

Switzerland's past times involve armed banking, eating chocolate, drinking fine wine in log cabins. :cool:

The current representative of the Swiss Confederation is PierceBrosnan:- (February 2012-Present)