United states

Introduction to the USA

Capital: Washington D.C.
Continent: North America
Currency: Dollars ($)
President: Barack Obama (44th President Serving His Second Term in Office)


NATO, including the:
•United Kingdom

Others include Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Israel.


The USA comprises 50 states, of which 48 are contiguous (the exceptions being Alaska and Hawaii).

The USA also has numerous military bases worldwide, with the military expenditure compromising 41% of the world’s total military spending.

The USA celebrated their independence from the British Empire on the 4th July 1776 after defeating the latter in the War of Independence. The USA has participated in both World Wars, famously arriving late in both, and has engaged in numerous conflicts across the globe including the Korean War, Vietnam War, both Gulf Wars and its own Civil War.

The US maintains a ‘special relationship’ with the UK and has supported and been supported in numerous conflicts by its ally.

Political Philosophy

As the world’s oldest surviving federation, the USA is a constitutional republic and representative democracy, wherein majority rule is tempered by minority rights protected by law.

The government is regulated by a system of checks and balances defined by the U.S. Constitution, which serves as the country's supreme legal document. The US celebrates democracy at its core, the constitution acting as a primary embellishment of this.


The US celebrates the world’s largest national economy with a nominal GDP of 15 million dollars, creates by its abundance of natural resources and well developed infrastructure. The US maintains a capitalist mixed economy, being the largest importer of goods and second largest exporter.

Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, and Germany are the US’ top trading partners. Whilst the 2008 recession had a large negative impact on the US, it is on the rise to a slow recovery.

The USA’s political future

With a second term in office, President Barack Obama seeks to receive America from its fiscal cliffhanger in reclaiming lost tax revenue, as well as aiming for closer ties with South Korea, Japan and Europe.

The US aims for peaceful processes in the Middle East and will be watchful of both Iran and North Korea in the years to come.

A Word From the US Representative

I would like to honour you all with the American National Anthem

United States of America