TSR's miser interviews Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb

TSR’s miser visited Lib Dem HQ to ask your questions to Norman Lamb MP, the Minister of State for Care and Support, and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Deputy PM Nick Clegg. He answered your questions on mental health, voting for the Lib Dems, tuition fees and more. 

Watch the videos below for some of the highlights or check out the full interview here. 

Why should young people vote Liberal Democrat?

"I think the bulk of students are fundamentally liberal in their attitudes."

How could mental health care be improved for young people?

"Ending the cliff edge at the edge of 18 when remarkably services are withdrawn from the youngster." 

What is the way forward for tuition fees?

"People who prove to be successful as graduates, yes they will pay a lot"
"What's not to like about that [the new tuition fees] system?"

Norman Lamb's message to TSR members

"Bizarrely [Labour's] plan for student finance to cut the fee from 9,000 to 6,000, the only people that that benefits are the highest earning graduates."

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