11 signs it's time to break up

It can be hard to know when to break your relationship off, especially if the love is still there, so we have put together 11 key signs that means it's time to think about getting rid... 

Nitpicking every flaw

If you find yourself focusing on all the small things that never used to wind you up, it's probably time to move on.


You choose to spend more time elsewhere

Your partner is free to hang out but you just need to visit a friend, do some grocery shopping and then take a long walk by yourself... 


Avoiding the next step

The timing is right but the relationship isn't progressing and there is always a new excuse to not commit to the next step.

commitment issues

On and Off again

Just stay off. It didn't work before so it's probably best to move on to new pastures.

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Attraction is dead

Maintaining a spark can be tricky but if they are more of a friend than a lover/partner it could be time to say goodbye.


Fantasizing about someone else

Becoming distracted by someone else is usually a sign your needs aren't being met in your relationship...

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You can't remember any recent 'good-times'

If you struggle to recall the last time it was a good day with your partner, it's likely you will be happier without them.

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Constant bickering

Endless pointless arguments are a sign of frustration and negative feelings, if it's not just a phase, break free of the cycle.

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They aren't over their ex

Being hung up on past relationships is never an attractive trait and means they aren't fully committed to the new one...leave them with the ghost of partner's past and move on.

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You want them to change significantly

Everyone dreams of changing a few small things about their partner. When it's something major that is basically a deal-breaker for you? Just break it off.

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Follow your instincts

Your heart is probably telling you it's in love but your gut will tell you when you're not happy.

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