Acts of kindness to improve Your relationship

The festive season is upon us, it is a time to show kindness and love to those that are important to us. Help strengthen your relationship, and make the special person in your life feel as wonderful as they make you feel.

1. Little acts of kindness

The little acts of kindness that happen in everyday life are very important for making people feel loved and cherished. Don't get too stressed and nervous with trying to find the 'perfect gift', that you forget to do those little things that make you so special to the one you love.

2. Get a gift that means something

Gifts don't have to be big to be special but rather than the socks, pants and toiletries that are the normally the last minute small items, think about what makes your partner feel loved. This could be a small gift which reminds them of a nostalgic moment or a gift to do with an interest or activity you share, helping to strengthen the bond you share as a couple.

If money is tight show your partner you care by making them a gift or giving them a voucher. Try writing a heartfelt romantic letter or poem expressing your feelings and how much they mean to, or give a voucher for a romantic meal cooked by you, or homemade chocolates are normally a winner. The knowledge that you have spent the time thinking about and making the gift personal should strengthen your relationship further.


3. Try getting them an experience rather than a traditional gift.

Try getting your partner an experience rather than a traditional material gift. This has been shown to increase happiness, and strengthen your relationship. This is because you can share the memories of the experience, allowing us to feel more connected. 


4. Treat Your partner

Spending money on others rather than yourself has been shown to lead to higher levels of happiness. The feeling of reward from making someone else happy should help strengthen the special connection between you.


5. Let them know you care

Maintaining a healthy and strong relationship is not always about what you do for your partner. It is often about whether they perceive if they are appreciated for everything they do. So don't forget to tell your partner how much they mean to you and just how thankful you are for having them in your life.

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