Coping with jealousy in relationships

Coping with Jealousy in Relationships

Jealousy is a normal part of being human but when it starts to affect our relationships how can we deal with it?

People can feel jealous for a variety of reasons in this section we are going to look at a few of them and see if there are ways we can help cope with it.

Lack of Trust in a Relationship

If you were in a previous relationship that ended badly or if you are wary to trust unconditionally a few tips to help are:

Ask yourself why do you not trust this person, what is in your past that is making you worried or jealous about them speaking to others or spending more time with other people? Sit down and explain to your partner the reasons and let them reassure you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of issues you had in the past, especially if you had a partner who cheated on you it is going to be difficult to trust unconditionally. Remind yourself that you are no longer going out with that ex and just because it happened in the past does not mean it will happen again. However by talking to each other you can try and resolve these fears and try and reduce your jealousy.

Having an active, independent life is really important too. If you're busy working, studying, socialising, exercising etc. you care less about what your partner does when you're apart as you're focusing on your own life. It's when you have very little to do that you start obsessing about your partner's life, which isn't at all healthy and breeds jealousy and insecurity.

Social Media and Jealousy

According to a recent survey women are more likely to monitor their partner’s use of Facebook. This can lead to further paranoia and jealousy as without context many things can appear suspect that are in fact innocent. So another top tip is to stay off your partner's Facebook profile.

Self confidence and your relationship

Jealousy can be a self confidence issue, so those wfeel less comfortable in themselves are more likely to be convinced that their partner is going to leave them as they don't see the good in themselves, so why would their partner? So I think a tip would maybe work harder on boosting self confidence in yourself and this can lead to helping your relationship!

The biggest key that came across when talking to users was communication.

Talk to your partner about your feelings without blaming them, as who knows they might be feeling the same worries and fears.

Let them know what makes you feel worried and jealous, is it being away from each other for a long time or even moving to Universities in different cities, or even countries?

If your partner tells them they feel jealous, do not brush them off but reassure them as this might be all it takes to resolve the situation.

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