Eight things to do in a relationship when you're skint

According to Money Habitudes, 47 percent of 18-24 year old couples are more likely to disagree or have different financial views than an older couple.

The Student Room alongside the community has put together a list of eight activities that you and your partner can enjoy together whilst spending next to no money. Here's what they came up with:


1. Play boardgames

If you don't own any boardgames you will always know someone that does, so make sure you play a few games of something. A few recommendations for you; Monopoly, Mousetrap and Scrabble. A word of warning with boardgames though, remember that you are playing with your partner whom you love very much and NOT your enemy.


2. Paint something

Don't mock it until you've tried it. Painting can not only be good for relationship building but it's a good way to have fun; there are so many different things you can paint - pottery, scenery, each other? It's up to you entirely, you've just got to let the creativity flow.


3. Play videogames

Most people have a games console lying around in their house and even if it is old one (often works out that the older consoles are the best) it's a good excuse to stay on the sofa with the TV on. Along with boardgames, videogames come with a word of warning; you are playing your partner not your enemy.

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4. Have a film marathon

Whatever the weather, there is always time for a film marathon (if you haven't got time...make time). Pick your favourite genre and open Netflix, if you don't have Netflix then grab your favourite DVDs or VCRs and watch every film you have in the house. You could always set yourself a challenge and see how many films you can watch in one day.

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5. Go to an activity park

Activity parks are a must if you are bored and have no money. An activity park can mean anything from a swing to a full gym set in the middle of a field (you'd be surprised). Head to a skate park, play park or water park (some water parks are expensive, but take a look online to see you have near you that cost nothing). You have so many options and look on the bright-side, it's (usually) guaranteed exercise.


6. Have a picnic

This is a great AND cheap option (depending on how much you eat) as you are however in control of how much you spend. Head to a supermarket buy a loaf of bread, sandwich fillings and some crisps and take your partner to a nearby park, it can be incredibly romantic at the same time as being really quite cheap. 


7. Walk, cycle or exercise together

According to 'Psychology Today', couples who sweat together, stay together. This is because exercise is believed to increase your happiness and increase your emotional bond with one another (especially if you co-ordinate your actions with one another). So instead of lazing around and moping around figuring out what to do, go for a quick run, go to the gym or go for a long cycle ride.


8. Cook together

Cooking can be a good way to understand each other better, it's also a cheap way to kill time. Similar to a picnic, go to a supermarket and see what's on offer for dinner. If you're really trying to save money, look out for the yellow labels and the food that is on offer. A few recommendations for a cheap dinner? Try out a Spaghetti Bolognese or a Chili con Carne, both cheap and easy to make but require both of you to cook.

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If you have any suggestions, then please add them in the comments or you canhead to the relationship forum here and ask some questions!

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