Four important rules for friends with benefits

Many people prefer the FWB relationship because no commitments have to be made, yet others have their own concerns, often extreme views against FWB

TSR user Lyrical_lie asked a few members of The Student Room community what they thought, from this, The Student Room has put together a list of four important rules for friends with benefits. If you follow these four important rules then you will enjoy your friends with benefits relationship, here they are:

1) Be careful, you might fall in love

The most important rule in a FWB relationship, this is also the hardest to follow as people begin a FWB relationship, but become attached and emotionally involved very quickly. User Dancehead shares their personal account on FWB: ‘If you get romantically involved and the other doesn't have similar feelings you will get hurt’, going onto to later say that ‘it’s a risk doing FWB’. So if you feel like you’re falling, it’s time to get out.

2) Choose a person that you wouldn’t usually go for

Pick someone that you wouldn’t usually go for, this way you are less likely to develop any feelings further than just your FWB relationship. Be sure to find that person that you won’t accidently fall in love with. This said, you have to have a few things in common with them; be careful however, as before long you might be at their house watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

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3) Make sure you’re honest with each other

It’s important to make sure that you’re both on the same wave length and that you are open about everything to one another. Going back to the first rule, it important to not get romantically involved, after all remember how FWB relationships end. TSRs DarkWhite adds: ‘I’ve never known an FWB situation end in anything other than one person falling for the other’, so it’s important to tell each other how you really feel and then choose the right direction for your friendship/FWB relationship.

4) Have fun

You’re in a friends with benefits relationship to have fun. So how about trying new things that you haven’t had the courage to do before in previous relationships. Don’t get stressed out with your FWB and don’t get jealous whenever they talk to a member of the opposite sex.

The Student Room community have very shared opinions on FWB relationships but it looks like they are becoming more accepted. Lyrical_lie later asked the TSR community if FWB is becoming more accepted, Drunk Punx replied; ‘you have to take into account that society is more accepting of sex as a normal conversation which will encourage more people to open up about their sex lives, so you could assume that the numbers of people having a friends with benefits relationship hasn't gone up, merely that people are more open to discussing their sex lives’.

What are you own rules for a successful FWB relationship? Tell us in the comments

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