How to tell you’re in a great relationship

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All relationships are different, but there’s some stuff that lots of happy couples have in common

Love can be pretty brilliant sometimes, can’t it? Sure, there are always going to be plenty of ups and downs but nothing gives the warm-and-fuzzies like being in a really great relationship.

Here are a few signs that your relationship is on the right track, with tips and advice from TSR members.

You trust that you have each other’s backs

Trust is a huge part of any relationship. It’s really hard to be happy with someone if you don’t trust them, or if they don’t trust you.

Having the ability to trust your partner in every phase of your relationship creates a bond that is nearly impossible to break. The only way that it will fall apart is if one of you begins to repeatedly betray the trust.


Couples in great relationships don’t give each other any reason to feel distrustful – they’re honest and open with each other, and always mindful of their partner’s feelings.

They also feel secure enough in their relationship to resist assuming that their other half must be off cheating on them if they don’t reply to texts within, like, 20 seconds.

I used to date this guy and he wasn’t addicted to his phone at all (which is a good thing) but I would always make up scenarios in my head about things he could be doing and not texting me back.

And honestly it sucks to realise after we broke up that it was actually VERY UNHEALTHY. Because I knew him for who he was and I should've trusted him but instead, I would overthink and go crazy and if you ask me, I would've been annoyed too if my boyfriend was being like that to me. Big lesson learned.


It took me AGES to find someone I truly love, and there’s always luck involved. Try to look around people with similar interests, and remind yourself that you need to be treated the way you want to treat others and this goes both ways.


You tell your partner if you’re annoyed (in a nice way)

It can feel easier to just let it slide (or to silently sulk) if your boyfriend or girlfriend has done something to irritate you. But it’s much better to get it all out in the open – you don’t want to risk letting it all build up until you explode with frustration and rage.

Unless you’re dating a literal mind-reader, it’s not really fair to expect them to know that when they bite their nails you want to throw them out of a window, after all.

I find communication in relationships really hard but it’s always best to talk to each other. It is always really easy to tell when something is off with your SO and it’s a horrible feeling when they won’t talk to you, but it’s really the only way you will get through it.


My biggest tip is: remember to maintain an open channel of communication!

Talk about issues immediately as they come up, and you need to be honest with each other. Letting things slide by and fester just builds up resentment and upset later down the line.

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When you argue, you don’t fight dirty

While everyone’s bound to argue at some point, that doesn’t mean that you should be constantly nit-picking at your partner or starting furious screaming matches over whether they were flirting with your best friend.

Couples in great relationships can stay (relatively) calm while they talk through their issues, and stick to the point of the disagreement – dredging up other stuff from the past may feel brilliant in the moment, but it’s rarely helpful when it comes to resolving an argument.

If you talk through any issues calmly rather than arguing that's a good thing.


And it’s worth remembering that you can’t both always be right – the happiest couples know that a little bit of compromise isn’t a bad thing.

Sometimes relationships require a little compromise to put the other person's happiness and needs before your own and vice versa.

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You love hanging out with each other

It’s always a good sign if there’s nobody you’d rather spend time with than each other – even the little everyday stuff can feel fun if you’re doing it with your other half.

I love doing all the little things like shopping together, decorating together, going for a walk, sending each other funny or ugly Snapchats when you aren't together, just lying in bed talking about random stuff.

Rum Ham

I love the simplest things the most, holding hands, cuddling, watching stuff together, going out together, cooking, just everything really.

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You don’t totally rely on them to make you happy

The healthiest couples aren’t totally reliant on each other to feel happy, but keep up their own interests and friendship groups. Having a strong sense of self is only going to benefit your relationship, after all.

Don't put your worth in being with someone. If you're not whole on your own, it doesn't matter who you bring in, it'll never feel enough.


You need to learn to be comfortable with yourself just as much as you need to learn how to co-exist with someone else.


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