Six ways to impress on a first date

Research by charity OnePlusOne show that by 2040 almost 70 per cent of couples will attribute their meeting to online communication. Today, online dating is definitely alot more socially acceptable with 1 in 5 relationships starting on a dating website. There are so many dating sites for people to use now there is something for everyone (OK Cupid, Match, Tinder etc). 

Meeting someone online is the first step, the next step is to go on a first date with someone. Going on a first date is sometimes a big deal so we've put together a list of six ways that you can impress on a first date, have a look: 

1. Keep eye contact

Eye contact shows someone that you're taking an interest (maybe pretending). Don't go overboard though, you don't want to stare, staring might scare or creep a person out so you've got to find the right balance - don't over think it.

2. Maintain good body language

We're not saying your body language has to be perfect, just make sure you stick to the basics. Firstly, chill out and relax, calm your shoulders and don't be tense, have a laugh and a smile too. Remember the most important thing? Just be yourself. Check out the article we already have on body language here

3. Look the part

Ok, you've never met each other before? Get dressed up and impress a little, ever heard of that phrase 'first impressions count'?. Enjoy looking the part, not only will your date think that you've made the effort, it'll also boost your confidence so don't have to panic as much to go on this date. You might want to put some aftershave/ perfume on too - smell good. 

4. Ignore your phone

You should be enjoying your date enough to not check your phone, just turn it on silent or turn it off, a phone call and text can always wait, oh and don't be taking pictures of how good/ bad your food is, don't be THAT person. Not enjoying your date? Still don't get your phone out, so suck it up for a few hours, you can always ring your mates after and tell them how bad it went.

5. Make them laugh

Making each other laugh eases the tension a bit, just make sure you tread carefully with some of your one-liners, you really don't want to go full steam ahead with your best jokes only to have nothing to laugh about later, so not cool.

6. Compliment your date

This is one of the most important things to remember, always compliment your date. Tell him/her how good they're looking, compliment their smile, eyes, laugh; but try to be original about it and make sure you mean it, the last thing you want is to force a compliment just for the sake of it.

Have you met someone over online dating and been on a first date with them? Share your stories in the comments! For all other relationship questions and answers, go to the relationships forum.