The long distance relationship society

We're basically the place to come if you are in, are going to be, or have been in a Long Distance Relationship! There's no "minimum requirement" - if you need or want support or to share your experiences of a distance based relationship, we're the place to be! Our main thread lives in H&R so it's easy to find and also you can be anonymous if necessary. :)

There's also a Wiki article about dealing with an LDR, check that out over here.

The Long Distance Relationship Society

The Society

For those in LDRs or potential LDRs or any distance-related relationship questions!


The The Long Distance Relationship Soc has loads of members - find out who is in the soc & who the leaders are.


About Our Members!

Just a little bit so people can keep track of who's who and who's where! The lucky devils who have - - either side of them are no longer in LDRs!



-Angelil- (Bianca)

Sephrenia (Tricia)

Me Myself I (Emily)

-xBeccaxGOKx- (Becca)

Rocky Raccoon ("Tess")

SpiritedAway (Nina)

hbandtr4eva (Katherine)


Their Other Halves

-Joshua Lyman- (Jean-Marc)


Wanderer (Sean)

-Self- (Gary)


Pap_ (Dimitrios)