The Practical Couples Guide to being Soulmates

The concept of soulmates can seem impossible. The idea that someone should be 'destined' to be with you in order to be your soulmate puts unnecessary pressure on relationships and suggests that your relationship will sail smoothly on without needing nurturing- in reality every type of relationship needs work no matter how compatible your souls might be. 

So rather than relying on destiny to do all the work for you, we've put together a practical guide for couples on how to be each other's soulmate.

1. Know your partner's world inside out


During the honeymoon period it might feel like the other person is your entire world! However, after time your separate lives will both become part of your relationship so the more you get to know your partner's friends, interests, dislikes and opinions, the closer you will feel and the risk of drifting apart will be reduced. 

2. Make your partner feel valuable


Small compliments go a long way! Do you remember how good it felt in the early days when you were being showered with compliments and made to feel like you were the most special person in the world? The likelihood is that if you are still together that this feeling hasn't changed, it's just not being expressed as much as it was. Make your boyfriend/girlfriend remember how much you value them by taking time out of your busy day to tell/show them.

3. Be there for them


The bad times can be the best times for strengthening your relationship and renewing your bonds of loyalty and trust. It can also be incredibly challenging to worry about and help solve someone else's problems when you have troubles of your own! By sharing those problems that crop up in life with your partner and working through them together, not only will you both feel more supported but by turning towards them in times of need rather than turning away you can be sure to nourish your love.

4. Create shared meaning within your relationship


Having a sense of shared purpose and meaning in your lives will tie you together as a couple and build a strong foundation for your relationship. This can be created through small rituals such as Friday Date Night, as well as through shared goals, such as travelling around Asia together. 

5. Avoid taking them for granted

After you have been with someone for a while, it's incredibly easy to get used to their presence and start taking them for granted. Feeling sidelined by your partner can lead to emotional distance and resentment which won't make anyone feel like a soulmate! It's worth taking the time to step back and think about everything your partner does for you and how they make your life better- you will be renewed with emotion for them and wonder how you managed before they came along!

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