The secret of body language- how to tell if someone fancies you

We've all been there. You fancy someone but you're not sure if they like you back. Our body speaks louder than words so reading body language can be the key to finding out how someone really feels about you. 

Read about the secrets of body language below and test it out on your crush!

HAir flick

Body language signal: The Hair Flick

What it means: When a girl brushes her hair over her shoulder or fiddles with it whilst talking to you, this can be a clear sign of attraction and flirtation. Be wary though as they might just be flicking their hair away from the wind or their face, so look out for a repeated action to see if you're in there!

lean in

Body language signal: The Lean In

What it means: Trying to get closer to you is a great clue as to whether someone is attracted to you and there is an easy way to test it out! When talking to your crush, wait until they have settled in a set standing position and then take a subtle step backwards away from them. If they fancy you they are likely to unconsciously move towards you to try and close the gap.

head tilt

Body language signal: The Head Tilt

What it means: If you're talking to someone and they tilt their head when they start talking to you, this means they are interested in listening to what you have to say. When females tilt their head it can also be to expose their neck and display a vulnerable part of their body.


Body language signal: The Peacock

What it means: It's not a surprise that men show off when they are trying to impress someone they are attracted to. Guys will tend to straighten their back and suck in their bellies when they are around a person they like, as they are trying to assert their dominance and masculinity. Other signs can be standing in a cowboy position or putting their hands behind their head.


Body language signal: The Copycat

What it means: When someone mimics your body language this is a key sign that they are into you. People unconsciously mirror body language when they are engaged in an interaction with you and paying careful attention. Mimicking can take the form of gestures, language or facial expressions.

open up

Body language signal: The Open Up

What it means: Humans have two types of body language: closed and open. If someone is closing themselves off they might have their legs tightly crossed, arms folded or be leaning away from you. They might just be relaxing, but if the gestures are tight and protective this can be a sign that the person is unconsciously keeping themselves hidden from you. Open body language displays relaxation and availability.


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