The 2015 summer transfer window shocks

With the transfer window set to slam shut on Tuesday, we take a look at the biggest surprise moves so far. Will there be more yet to come? 

Here are our top five shocks of this year's summer transfer window:

Yohan Cabaye

5. Yohan Cabaye

Paris St Germain to Crystal Palace
Cabaye is one of the best transfer signings that Palace have made for a few years now. Bringing in Cabaye from from PSG to join the Eagles was a risk for Palace boss Alan Pardew, but the player seems to have settled in and got his head down. Perhaps the biggest surprise about the whole saga is that no other Premier League club put an offer in for him before his move to Selhurst Park was complete (what absolute numptys!).

Bastian Schweinsteiger

4. Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bayern Munich to Manchester United
It feels like a lifetime ago that this one went through, but United have smashed this signing. Even though he was getting a lot of interest from other clubs, the 30-year-old signed for United on a three contract. It was a good signing for United, but does he know what he's in for? Playing for a once-perfect but now unpredictable club, well, only you can make that call.

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 Petr Cech

3. Petr Cech

Chelsea to Arsenal
#ThingsCechCouldSave. He could have probably saved Mufasa from Scar if he'd wanted to. But seriously, what a player and a great signing for Arsenal. Bit of a shock that he's no longer in a Chelsea kit but Wenger's hoping he's going to work wonders for the Gunners this season. Only time will tell if he can become a massive legend at Arsenal as well as Chelsea. Good luck, Cech.

Christian Benteke

2. Christian Benteke

Aston Villa to Liverpool
Benteke has only just joined Liverpool (what a signing by the way) and it looks like he's already doing a Sterling job (pun intended). Goals will surely come his way, with the Belgian international set to be a new Liverpool legend. What he was ever doing playing for Villa in the first place, I do not know, but for £32.5m this is a HUGE signing for Liverpool. Let's hope it can push Liverpool to second (let's be honest, they aren't winning the league this season).

Xherdan Shaqiri

1. Xherdan Shaqiri


Inter Milan to Stoke City
How Stoke have managed this one, I don't have a scooby. Usually it's the player trying to impress the team, but on this occasion t looks like it's the club that are going to have to impress him. Shaquiri expects Stoke to equal last season's ninth place at an absolute minimum. Moving from Inter Milan is going to a massive shock for the 23-year-old too, not just because of the climate, but because of the mid-table mediocrity. 

What next?
Make sure you add your say on this in the comments below; who do you think has been a shock signing and who are you keeping an eye on this season?

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