Wimbledon 2015: Five best players this year

Wimbledon has really been heating up this year with Nadal leaving early and Gasquet getting through to the semi-finals, everyone's wondering what can happen next.

The Wimbledon final is just around the corner so to look back on the tournament a poll was set up to find out who you thought took the top 5 places on TSR's Wimbledon 2015 players of the year, here are the results:

Stan Wawrinka

5. Stan Wawrinka

Ranked at 4th in the world, Stanislas Wawrinka keeps outperforming his opponents in every tournament he plays in. The last two years have brought great luck to the right-handed player as in 2014 he won the Australian Open and just last month was crowned the winner of the French Open. After only a few years playing professional tennis, what an amazing achievement that is.

Andy Murray

4. Andy Murray


Back in 2012 Murray was definitely on the ball (pun intended) winning a gold medal for Great Britain in the Olympics and smashing Djokovic in the US Open final. In 2013 he later went on to beat Djokovic a second time giving Murray the two grand slam titles he has today. Andy Murray continues to surprise us, maybe one day he'll be ranked as the world number 1 champion.

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Serena Williams

3. Serena Williams

As one of the most iconic women in tennis alongside her sister Venus, Serena has won 20 grand slam titles (with her last grand slam title being won this year in France in the French Open) and is ranked women's singles world number 1. Serena might make that 21 grand slam titles this year as the Wimbledon final is not too far away.

Novak Djokovic

2. Novak Djokovic

Djokovic now ranked men's singles world number 1 won has already won The Championships, Wimbledon twice already. His last win was in 2014 when he beat Roger Federer after close sets. Both Djokovic and Federer made for an exciting but Djokovic grabbed the title in the last set by winning 6-4. Same again this year?

Roger Federer

1. Roger Federer


With 17 grand slams underneath his belt, Federer has the chance to make that 18 grand slam titles and break a record to have won the most Wimbledon Men's Singles titles ever (which will push him up to 8 wins at Wimbledon). After making it through to the Wimbledon Men's Final last year Federer lost to the world's number 1 Novak Djokovic. Do you think Federer has what it takes to take the top spot once again?

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