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Canon EOS 20D


The handling of the 20D is pretty good. It has a top plate LCD displaying all the necessary information (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Drive Mode, Shooting Mode). It also features the two input dials (allowing easier control of the various exposure settings - including exposure compensation). The LCD isn't the 20D's finest feature and is best used to check general composition & exposure (using the histogram) rather than for sharpness. When using this camera the only complaint I would have (and it's minor) is that the LCD wasn't quite up to the job of checking if you'd nailed the focus.


The auto focus is reliable and accurate (though not quite up there with the 1 Series). The 5fps drive mode is a good feature to have especially for shooting moving subjects or exposure bracketing. Couple the body with a fast USM or HSM lens and you'll be delighted with the speed and accuracy of focus. I can't say I ever felt it missed a beat when I used it.

Image Quality:

The image quality is excellent, its 8.2MP sensor doesn't handle noise as well as newer sensors (but considering the 20D was released in 2004 who'd expect it to?). You can get fairly clean images up to ISOs of 800 (making sure to get the exposure just right) and with some noise removal you can clear much of the noise. 8.2MP may not sound much nowadays but it's more than sufficient for reasonably sized prints - I've printed 18*12 inch prints before now and would happily have printed larger. Resolution is certainly not a concern with this body. Also, with it being a "crop body" the sensor doesn't record the full image, but the central part. Don't be confused - what you see through the viewfinder is what will be recorded - but the outermost parts of the image is where most lenses perform the worst - so the camera is a bit kinder on poorer quality lenses than full frame bodies.

Value for Money:

At the time of writing (July 2011) the average price for a used 20D body is around £150-170 which is excellent value for money. For this you're getting a body with very good handling, great image quality and better performance than new budget bodies. A true bargain, but be aware that as the 20D is getting on a bit, shutter failures are a possibility in heavily used bodies. Unfortunately there is no program that can reliably determine the number of actuations on the body.