Essential free software for students

So you’ve bought a laptop for uni but don’t want to fork out hundreds of pounds for the essential software? Why not try these free alternatives? Comment to let us know what we've missed. 



Nobody wants to write their essays and presentations in Notepad so you're going to need some office software. 

Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite in the world and the good news is that Office 365 is FREE for students. It includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint and is available for both Mac and PC. You’ll need your university email address to log in, so resist the urge to start creating spreadsheets and wait until term starts. 

Notable mentions go to OpenOffice and which are both free forever. 

image editing

Image editing

GIMP is a powerful photo editing tool available for PC and MAC. It’s a free alternative to expensive software like Photoshop. It’s great for creating graphics to keep your presentations and posters looking snazzy. 

If you’re looking for something a little less complicated then Paint.NET 



If you have bought a new computer for university you will want to protect it but antivirus software can be costly. 




Evernote HERE is note-taking software available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It syncs your notes across all of your devices so you can have a read through your lecture notes while you’re on the bus. 

Evernote stores images and audio alongside your text so you can keep your lecture recordings and slides alongside your notes. Your notes will be searchable so you can find that obscure reference without having to remember which lecture it was mentioned in.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments. 

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