How to protect yourself on the internet

Using the internet is a great way to educate yourself, stay in touch with friends and colleagues, have fun and is an irreplaceable thing for any college or university student.
Still it is not just about that. There is lots of things that are harmful and may lead to irreversible consequences. So it is crucial to know about those dangers and be aware of was to prevent them.



It may seem like not-so-serious problem, but in reality it is something that worth paying some great attention. provides statistics that states: half of young people have suffered from this issue. In addition, there are cases of Izzy Dix and other victims of cyberbullying, who shortened their lives because of being terrorized online. It Is not only middle schoolers, who are at danger. College and even university students are also at risk of being traumatized due to being harassed on the web.

Sexual Predators


Chatrooms, well-known places for criminals to find victims, are long in the past, but it doesn’t mean, sexual predators are as well. Sexual predators evolved. They learned how to use modern social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to collect information about potential victims (Home address, interests, place of study). There is a great number of applications that ease process for sexual predators. Tinder, Kik, etc. these software allows criminals to directly lure their victims.

Identity Theft


Typing your credit card information in some online form may end worse than you could possibly imagine. It may lead to having a debt on your account and being unable to prove that you are actually a victim of theft.

Harmful Content


Even though it is more applicable to younger people, it is a matter of concern. Humans are visual creatures, thus pictures and videos have a great impact on us and our consciousness. When a kid sees something inappropriate, it is a rare occasion, when it has no to little impact on their world perception and life choices. It may actually lead to total destruction of morality and irreversible mental traumas and emotional issues.

Ways to Fight


Those listed are far not the only dangers posed by the web. It is impossible to predict, where and how a person might encounter them and there are no excessive measures to be taken.

Protection and Monitoring Software


AdBlock, different Anti-virus programs are must-use in modern web-days. It is something that you can’t go to the internet without. It is so filled with harmful software and obscene images, that you’ll be surprised, how the web looks without any protection.
One third of people online encounter pornographic materials unintentionally. And it does not means PCs. Mobile devices are also affected by this issue. 
If you are a parent and have not yet installed helpful cell phone spy software that goes for android, the most often used smartphone OS, you have a 33% chance, that your kid will see harmful content without even searching for it.

Understanding and Applying Right Behavior


The internet has a lot of rules that need to be followed. Majority of them is very similar to something you would or would not do in real life.
Talking to strangers, posting too much of your personal info, harassing others, etc. – totally don’ts.
Behaving responsibly, being polite and careful – dos.
There are lists of rules provided by the web society that anyone should read thorough and remember.

Create Smart and Strong Passwords


There is special software that allows to unravel small passwords (4-6 characters) in fraction of second. There is a belief, that passwords should be long and complicated so that nobody could guess it, but that is not true. Every character you add to your password multiplies time, needed to unravel it by a machine, incredibly.
A strong 8+ characters password would take years to be guessed by a machine.
Combinations made up exclusively from digits are proven to be ineffective regardless of their length.