20 must-have apps for students in london

The time has come for you to face another exciting challenge in life - University. But worry not for your pocket friend will guide you through the difficulties you encounter on your way. Late for lectures, lost in town, miss an exam or a party? Let your mobile phone take care of that.

Here’s a list of apps you can download from the app store to save you from confusion. Organisation and orientation will spare precious time and make your student life easier.

City Map

London Official Guide is the first app you will need to navigate through the city. It is free to download and has offline maps and GPS. Other features include sights and tourist attractions, travel directions and all amenities (police station, pharmacy, bureau de change etc).

University App

Check the website of your university for an app that provides information about campus locations, telephone numbers and news. Some might even help you socialise and find new friends.


When you have some time off of university you might want to go on an adventure. Gogobot is a great trip planner. It has information about places, city guides, hotels, flights etc.


Find out the latest student discounts in London using the NUS extra app. To save money is one of the most difficult challenges one can undertake but this software will notify you about the great deals you can make.

Bus Timetables and Tube Maps App

London Underground and Bus App

Uber App

This pearl here offers transport services. It’s easy to use, just a few clicks and your ride is here to pick you up and lead you to your desired location.

London Events

You will need information about events in town aside from partying and university. This app shows them all.

Health and Fitness

A student needs a healthy way of life. He needs strength, both physical and mental, to surpass all obstacles and save energy for amusement activities. Here’s a list of wellness apps you might find useful.

Productivity - Notes, Reminders

Type a note, take a photo, record audio or attach a file in this app that syncs to all your connected devices - Evernote is just what you need.

Exam Tracker

Exam Countdown is a great tool to keep track of your tests and never miss any of them. After all you have duties aside from parties.

Party Planner

Yes, probably the most vital app people like you need, Pro Party Planner. This software helps you keep track of guests, budget and logistics. Go be the party animal you are.

Cleaning/Moving App

You just threw the best party in your life? Well since it’s over now and everything’s a mess, you’re exhausted from your night life adventures. Make an appointment using GoFantastic - house cleaning app with rich descriptions of the different services it offers.

Or maybe you need to move house? You can use the same application.

Banking App

Most banks provide apps which help manage your bank account. They are well protected with passwords so you don’t have to worry about someone breaking in. An example of such app is the Metro Bank Personal Banking App.

Wi-Fi Finder

In London you can find tons of Wi-Fi hotspots, most of them free. Use them to your advantage thanks to Free Wi-Fi Finder .

Google Translate

Whether you are a foreign student or from the UK, it is always good to have this one installed. You can break language barriers with ease. The translation between English and other languages is not accurate sometimes and you can have a laugh at a funny interpretation.

Slang Words

Speaking like a Londoner is important. You are a part of the family now. Learn to express yourself like them. Don’t be an outcast.This should help.

Facebook (Or Facebook Messenger)

You probably ask yourself “Who doesn’t use Facebook nowadays?”. Yes, it’s an easy way to keep in touch with your friends, make arrangements and share life experiences. Most of all it has a mobile app too.

Skype, Fring, Messenger

These common apps help you communicate easier with your friends and family. They offer video chat, file exchange and are free to download.


Having a weather app can be very useful if you plan to take a walk in the park. They will tell you if you need to bring an umbrella. These will do no harm to your mobile phone.

Alarm Clock

Normal alarm clocks have long vanished from this world and sent to oblivion. That’s why you have an electronic one on your phone. This sidekick of yours will wake you up when you command him.