Nine essential apps for students

You are not just a student. Armed with your iPad and our selection of unmissable apps, you are an all-knowing, never-forgetting, perfectly prepared machine. You are uber-mecha-student.

Note-taking, subject research, weekly budgeting, catching last night's episode of EastEnders - all can be achieved with just a sweep of your majestic fingers.

Read on, then, for the most essential, the most useful, the most downright wonderful apps to inject your student life with superpowers.

iTunes U: free
Cramming the world's best universities into your shoulder bag would be an impossible task, were it not for iTunes U. It's a uni version of Apple's movie/music/app download service - offering course content from the likes of Oxford, UCL and Warwick for free. Use it to augment your current lectures, or take an intellectual holiday by learning about something completely different.

Evernote: free
Among a slew of note-taking apps, Evernote stands supreme. At its most basic, you can use it to take notes and access them across your mobile and desktop devices. But it's one of those apps that does more than you might expect - you can create audio notes from recordings, take photos of course notes and books (and then search for text inside the images) and - if you go for the premium version - access all your notebooks offline.

Instapaper: £2.49
Tame the web to your own schedule with page-saving app Instapaper. You can tag web pages you want to read later and then return to them when you're sat on the bus or trying to look busy in a lecture. The app strips the page down to just its bare text - enabling you to read pages offline.

PocketMoney: £1.99
Plugging the holes in your bank account is far easier with a dedicated budgeting app. PocketMoney is designed specifically for the iPad, and it makes it simple to track where your money is going. Its big pull is its simplicity, with useful features such as the option to set limits on particular types of spending.

This one has been voted 'app of the week' by more reviewers than we can count, and with good reason. It helps you get all those 'hmm, must do that' things out of your head and into the cloud - so you can check them off no matter what device you're using. Push notifications and email reminders ensure nothing gets forgotten.

Alarm Clock HD Pro: £0.69
Alarm clock manufacturers might as well throw in the towel - this is the future. Sure, Alarm Clock HD Pro will wake you up on time, but that's just the start. It hooks up with your iTunes playlist - so you can wake up to music instead of squawking buzzers - and has a selection of Retina display-ready themes. There's even a torch function, for those middle-of-the-night 'where am I?' moments.

TED: free
Just one of the best free apps you'll find, TED broadens your mind by serving up video and audio talks from some of the world's most interesting people. You might not agree with everything they have to say, but you certainly won't be able to ignore it.

BBC iPlayer: free
The BBC iPlayer app gets better and better, serving up on-demand TV and radio programmes from across the Beeb’s vast network from the past seven days. If you're only going to use the 'watch again' service (rather than watching any programmes live) you don't even need a TV licence.

The Student Room: free
Of course, no student's iPad is complete without the TSR app. This makes it quick and easy to flick your way through the forums, add to the discussion and upload images direct from your tablet's camera. You need never be away from TSR!

So there we have it - nine student-focused apps to make your iPad utterly indispensable. But we know there are plenty more out there too, and we want to hear about your favourites. Tell us about your essential apps on the message boards.