Potential threats which the use of it has introduced

Intentionally threats: Individual Cracker: Is a person who cracks people’s passwords until he or she can get into the users account which is a threat because there might be really important information in the users account which could be a threat to the user and the friends and family of the user. Also due to the information and the sources that are on the users account. E.g. that can lead to cyber bullying by putting the sources on the internet and bullying the person through the web, blackmailing the user etc. Therefore this is one of the threats that the use of IT has introduced. Criminal organizations: Is an organization that is run by criminals to do illegal activity. Therefore it is a potential threat which is caused by the use of IT. Also the threats which this may cause are terrorism attacks on country are which is planned by the criminals through the criminal organization via computers and technology. Another threat could be political organizations that do illegal activities for the politicians just so they can win e.g. killing the other party members if they don’t back down or do as they say also this can be done by the use of computers. Criminal organizations use computers and technology to send illegal documents around and receive illegal information’s also to do illegal activities e.g. making fake passports so they can travel and do illegal activities and businesses. Identity Theft: Is a very popular crime that is done over the internet and is misused for illegal activities. Such as terrorist activities doing identity theft to come into the country as the person that they have stolen the identity of and killing them so that they can take that person identity and live in the country as that person. Also another reason of identity theft would be so that the person that is misusing the identity can get into high organizations just to steal some very sensitive data from the computers which that could mean that they first have to do an identity theft of that person that is working in the same organization just to access the organization and to gain the information. Cyber stalking: Is a very popular crime that is done over the internet. This included harassing individuals, groups or organizations in various ways such as making false accusations against a organizations just because the person cyber stalking doesn’t like the organization or just for fun which really isn’t fun but in fact is a crime and taken very seriously. Another reason that cyber stalking is done intentionally is because the people that do cyber stalking know that it’s a crime but they still do it and what’s the most disturbing part is that they harass little girls and boys who are just little children. Accidental threats: Software threats: This is also an important security issue which computer security experts should always put into consideration when designing security measures for a system. Accidental errors could occur at any time in a computer system but having proper checks in place should be the major concern of the designer. Accidental error includes corruption of data caused by programming error, user or operator error. Which could mean that the threat was accidental and is not classified as a crime however the designer’s need to make sure when they build the software they are very careful. Computer malfunctioning: Is caused accidentally when you don’t know how it was caused and it wasn’t because the user did any illegal activities or misused it, it’s because it was a problem in the computer which caused it to malfunction. Also another reason for it to malfunction is because when the computer is used for too long and kept on it over heats which cause it to automatically shut down without the work being saved. This is the reason of data lost. Potential threats which the use Of IT has introduced